Sustainability of face-to-face retail business

Inspiring you to consciously create an empowering customer experience through authentic connection and relationships.



One-on-one coaching to consciously develop your leadership style, team and retail business through clearly defining your culture, structure, operations, goals, vision, values, mission and purpose. Create a fashion retail business reputation to inspire customer loyalty.

business stylist

 On-site intuitive and creative consultation to design an inspiring customer experience through an unspoken sense of beautiful energy, visual inspiration, scent and music. A tactile and tasteful face-to-face experience. 


 Facilitated training programme tailor-made exclusively for your retail business. Understanding different profiles, connecting and building authentic  relationships. Collectively designing your inspiring retail customer experience.



Have you consciously created your style of customer experience that has you stand out in the retail industry?  Building lasting relationships with your customers is more cost effective than having to constantly find new customers. Your outstanding customer experience will create loyalty and help to grow your business through their testimonials. Your customer relationships and experience will determine a large part of the sustainability of your retail business.


Have you built rapport and lasting relationships with your customers? 

How will you turn your customers into raving fans?

What is your complaint management strategy?


Are you actively capturing your customer database?

Do you have a system for ongoing connection?

Customer Buying Behaviour

Do you understand your customer buying behaviour? 

Do you and your team know how to relate to different styles of customers buying behaviour?

Customer Experience

Have you designed an exceptional customer experience?



Fashion Retail Coaching is tailor designed to suit the areas that you wish to focus on, including: business development, conscious leadership, store operations and systems, team building, buying, visual merchandising, customer experience, styling and training.

Through coaching you will clearly define your business vision, USP, personal style of conscious leadership, mission, values, purpose and your company culture for your retail business brand.

Create business operations and systems for monitoring sales to increase profitability. Implement reporting systems to test and measure your retail business.

Identify your company structure, job descriptions, ideal team profiles and what hats you will wear.

Develop systems for recruitment procedures and HR standards, training and building a high performing team. 

Learn how to empower your team through conscious communication. 

Build a high performing team delivering outstanding results to increase profitability, staff retention and achieve goals with a happy, motivated and inspired team. Successful teams feel their strengths are being acknowledged, fully utilized and always look for ways to improve their performance.

Fashion Retail Coaching is about developing people: achieving your retail vision through connecting with yourself, your team and your customer. 

Retail Brand

What is your vision for your retail store?

Have you clearly defined your core values, mission and purpose?

What is your business culture?


Do you have systems for recruiting and training your team into their position descriptions?

Do you have a structure for supporting management?


Do your sales goals match your cashflow projections? 

What systems do you have in place for monitoring sales results?

Are you actively doing sales training?



Your business takes on the personality of your leadership, which shapes a positive culture and promotes work place harmony. You will create sustainable relationships through authentic communication.

Conscious leaders are charismatic and engaging human beings who attract like minded people. 

An effective leader has clarity, confidence, certainty and commitment to decisions. The leader walks the talk of the culture with integrity.

Looking after your wellbeing is vital for your sustainable energy. Conscious leaders who are more fulfilled and balanced increase leadership competency. They feel supported by and connected to their partners, family and team, are more creative, motivated and see opportunities.

Develop your conscious leadership style through identifying who you are now and who you want to become. Understand your perceived strengths and weaknesses, know your values and your personal purpose. 

Leaders experience at times their work life taking over their private life. Feeling trapped, fragmented, and pulled in too many directions. You will learn stress and burnout prevention strategies. Career burnout can also spill over into your personal life, negatively impacting your wellbeing and relationships with friends and whanau. It is vital to know how to balance your life.


What is your style of communication?


What is your strategy for self management?

How will you look after your energy levels?

Conscious Thinking

Do you have a leadership coach for your personal development?




Visual : Scent : Touch : Sound : Taste : Energy

On-site intuitive and creative consultation to design an inspiring customer experience through an unspoken sense of beautiful energy, visual inspiration, scent and music. A tactile and tasteful face-to-face experience .




Intuitively create an experience to inspire your customers senses.


Is your store tasteful?

Scent : Sound

What genre of music will resonate with your style of business?

Will the scent you use evoke an emotion that you desire?

Visual Merchandising


Are you buying your product with your customer in mind?

Are there touch points throughout the in-store journey?

Do you need visual merchandising training?


My mission is to develop leaders in the retail industry who create empowering relationships. 

I will facilitate a conversation and ask you powerful open-ended questions that enable you to enquire and discover your own answers. It is a thought-provoking and creative process.

I actively listen to you and understand the essence of your communication without judgment, and move you forward, with awareness, towards what you want. Once you know what you want and believe in it, it is about trusting in the process and consciously focusing your thinking on it.

My style is not prescriptive or cookie-cutter, but is an organic approach that is flexible which works with you to find your voice, to trust in yourself and to tap into your intuition.

Through one-on-one personalised coaching, gain clarity on your vision, values, mission, purpose, beliefs and goals. You will learn to observe your state, inspire and empower yourself.

After a pre-consult, coaching and facilitated packages can be tailor-made to suit.

The coaching sessions are generally 1-1.5 hours via Zoom or phone. Face-to-face on-site appointments can be arranged with travel considerations, as agreed. See the CONTACT page for details on how to connect with me.

I value our coach-client relationship and being professional. I provide a safe space for complete trust and confidentiality. 

The contract, terms of engagement and standard operating procedures will be shared at the first coaching meeting.



To generate a way of being that is inspiring and empowering for you, your team and your customer.


To inspire you to consciously align your personal and business vision and values to create the style of fashion retail business that you want.

Vision : Values

Inspiring confidence and conscious thinking in the world of retail.


conscious : connection : creativity : inspiration : integrity


Fashion Retail Coach donates monthly to support the work of Tearfund.





Ethical Fashion guide

I absolutely love the fashion retail industry and I am mindful of the impact the demand of consumerism can place on global communities. Through conscious consumerism our choices can make a difference. 

In the last 20 years, our consumption of clothing has increased dramatically. As a result, garment production has fuelled the growth of economies across the Asia-Pacific, with over 40 million workers employed in the industry.

However, the garment industry can also be a place where exploitation thrives. In 2018, there are still millions of garment workers working long hours in oppressive conditions to make the clothes we wear. They are paid wages so low that they and their families are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

When you shop, you have the power to choose and the opportunity to impact the lives of people working in oppressive conditions.

The Ethical Fashion Guide is a tool that gives you the power to shop ethically. Reducing worker exploitation and alleviate poverty in developing countries where clothes are manufactured.

The guide grades brands on ethical practices in their supply chain: Worker Empowerment; Supplier Auditing; Knowing Suppliers; Policies; Room for Improvement.

The Fashion Retail Coach donation will contribute to prevent vulnerable people from being trafficked and exploited; remove people from exploitative situations; prosecute trafficker; provide legal support and aftercare for trafficked people and exploited workers, rehabilitate survivors and reintegrate them back into their chosen communities.

More Info Visit

Facts from Ethical Fashion Guide: Only 11% of NZ fashion companies pay living wages to workers in their supply chains; $11 is the approximate daily living wage for a worker in Bangladesh; It's estimated that 100 million rural households who farm cotton are living in poverty.

Watch The True Cost documentary.